Magnetic Attraction (2016)

Magnetic Attraction (September 2016) was an evening of music performed on the magnetic resonator piano by Kate Ryder. Created by Andrew McPherson, the magnetic resonator piano (MRP) is an electronically-augmented acoustic piano capable of eliciting new sounds acoustically from the piano strings, without speakers. Electromagnets induce vibrations in the strings independently of the hammers, creating infinite sustain, crescendos, harmonics, pitch beends and new timbres, all controlled from the piano keyboard. The programme featured pieces written especially for the instrument and improvisations with Alice Eldridge (feedback cello) and Roger Redgate (violin/fx pedal). Pieces performed: Magnetic ├ętudes: Julia Adolphe, 88MPH: Alexander Elliot Miller, Gegenschein: Jeremy Cavaterra, Movements from Secrets of Antikythera: Andrew McPherson, Improvisations with Alice Eldridge (feedback cello) and Roger Redgate(violin/fx pedal).