Laurie Grove Baths (2011)

Laurie Grove Baths (2011) is a site-specific sound piece made for the water tanks of the Victorian Laurie Grove Baths in New Cross, South-East London. The tanks are part of a proposed redevelopment as part of Goldsmiths College, University of London – this audiovisual work surveys and imagines future uses for the space the way it stood in 2011. The base material for this work was gathered over four days of acoustic surveys, site recordings and filming in the tanks, whose cast iron structure lends them a unique reverberant quality.

The project culminated in the playback of the piece as a quadriphonic audio installation, paired with projections of architectural details of the tanks: the acoustic properties of the space and the sound of nearby New Cross Road were used to bring the tanks momentarily alive as a reverb chamber and site of concentrated listening.

With kind thanks to:
Goldsmiths Estates and Facilities Department
Jockel Liess
Ain Bailey
Craig McCartney