Kvaeol Kopakonan (2011)

Panorama Kvaeol Kopokonan (2011) was created with choreographer Jona Kristen Thomsen and focuses on the dynamics of weather systems approaching the West side of the Faroe Isles in contrast with the human body in the landscape. The piece has been shown at Trinity Laban, London and at Nordic House Greenland. Three videos, each with their own audio track, are projected on screens made from sailcloth. The footage can be viewed from both sides, allowing the audience to move freely around the three hovering screens: the sound and the video-montage are designed to match the monumental pace of the moving weather systems and the body of the dancer falling in and out of frame.

With kind thanks to:
Trinity Laban
Nordic Institute of Greenland (NAPA)
Jona Kristen Thomsen